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Solve Me 2014: the pictures from the event

Our solidarity game track through the images. 2014 was a great year and we were spoiled because loving, sharing, humor, smiles and solidarity poured on us. Sprinkle a hint of samba , a furious desire to dance and a true melting pot and you will get us. It is the spirit of Paris Par Rues Méconnues.


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Our Values
Our Values

This maxim Angénic Agnero , founder of Paris Par Rues Méconnues , had endorsed  it since 1998 with her researches  on participative tourism applied to our modern world for  not only for its  better understanding  but also to put the focus back onto the  people and therefore to create an involved and participative tourism rather than an escapade and consumption one.

Tourism values

based on the highlighting of cultural values, we mean the human ones of a territorial community to create productive relationships with foreigners, who appreciate those said values ​​ . "Trade in values ​​" established in practice is then based on a mutual enrichment and therefore participation in issues of the common welfare. It is for each local community, revealing factor of its vocation, a collective recognition,
a key to attract and to promote, a sign of development, an initiator of progress and openness.

Social tourism :
This is the genuine humanist and solidarity tourism that arouses curiosity, and create fun holiday for everyone : whatever the socio -economic background , age or disability is ,to be surprised: take pleasure in cultivating and interact with different people or the environment itself . If the expression is the spearhead of living together which creates special moments between the visitors and the locals its motto is to provoke  meetings, initiate educational shares in order to break the stigma , reduce the prejudices, the intolerance.

Sustainable Development:

 Our vision for sustainable development  is summed up to  one word "appropriate." Appropriate to the culture, environment, local community, Suitable for the community and its representatives who recognize themselves into it in a motivating and responsible way.

usability :

According to the dictionary usability is defined as the ability of a society to promote tolerance and mutual exchanges of people and the groups that compose it. At  Paris Par Rues Méconnues , we define this term as the ability to create a warm atmosphere conducive to meeting and sharing.

Through the activities , our prerogative is to show the diversity and richness of the human patrimony : intellectual, cultural , historical and as well as the monuments.  Intangible resources that include for each patrimony area, (history, knowledge and savoir faire, methods of collaboration etc ...) and make sense for everyone.

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